Cheryl L. Hrudka --  Artist Statement  


The computer has allowed me numerous possibilities which I have fully embraced.  Like spoken words, it is the inflection of how that word is said that creates limitless endings.  One can control a computer and one's inflection 'sort of'.  I don't believe that anyone can be an expert of inflection.  The degree to which one masters the 'sort of' is the degree to which one is successful.

Inflection is the key.


With this philosophy in mind, my original abstract creations are formed.  These abstract images allow the viewer to question, and decide for themselves, my artistic intention.  In other words, my images now pose more questions than answers.  My primary subject matter lies in the eyes of the beholder.  Each viewer brings his or her own psychological insight to the subsequent interpretation.  While trying to challenge, the viewer's conclusions are never threatened, but are respected and allowed to prosper.  These images are at once geometric and bimorphic. In their mutability, they mimic our dreams, they mimic our lives.


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