H. Stanley Johnson --  Artist Statement  


They call it "Adobe Photoshop" for a reason.  Digital art's nearest living relative is photography.  From photography's beginnings in 1839 until Steichen's exhibition "The Family of Man" (circa 1955), four generations of photographers labored in virtual obscurity.  Photography was the step child of the plastic arts, hardly acknowledged, let alone accepted.  Two more generations passed before it was allowed in the "family" picture.  Things are moving a good deal faster today.  Digital art is facing a similar gauntlet, but the course will be far shorter.  At this moment, Digital is taught in Universities throughout America and the world.  The first masters of the medium are alive, some are working, today.  Digital success is inevitable.  For now, those practitioners are "voices crying in the wilderness".    Do have a look.  It won't be the wilderness for long.


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